Pagination plugin for WordPress is a special resource develop for Creation, organizing and managing of WordPress menu and navigation lists by especially arranging your pages, categories and users. If you want to have a clean site that is very easy to navigate then you want a pagination plugin that will provide you total control over the creation, styling and contents of your web site’s navigation.

Pagination plugin for WordPress empowers WordPress site owners to create Unique site navigation in their own pages, categories and users with a drag and drop interface.

Pagination plugin for WordPress’ use makes it possible for the Users of your site to navigate content easily and efficiently. It has been reported that a fantastic pagination increases the SEO of websites due to how it provides more links to a website content.

Free Pagination Plugin For WordPress :

  • WP PageNavi Style

If you are looking for the best pagination plugin for WordPress to add a more stylish options to your website then use this plugin. It does a lot more than it states. You must have WP Pagenavi plugin installed before you can use this plugin.

  • Simple Pagination

A great plugin that allows to set up advanced pagination for articles and comments. It has 6 style sheets to the pagination: CSS 3, Flickr, Digg,, Green and Grey.

  • Types

A full-features plugin for managing custom post types, custom taxonomies and custom fields. You can use it to easily craft the WordPress admin and then turn it into your very own content management system.

  • Page Specific Menu Items

Page Specific Menu Items is a wordpress plugins you can use to select menu items To show each page.

  • WP-PageNavi

Wp-PageNavi is a strong pagination plugin for WordPress pages which Adds a more sophisticated navigation interface.

  • Page Navi Slider

This is an advanced and fully customizable navigation plugin with jQuery slider. Features includes: Responsive as it displays a slider if the page number exceed the available width, easy to customize with its setting page, caption ready to be localized for multilingual websites.

  • Pagination by BestWebSoft

A plugin you can use to add a custom pagination block to your own WordPress website. The block is inserted automatically on the following pages; website, search, archive, category, tags, writer.

  • Page-Links Plus

This is a rich-features WordPress pagination plugin that helps users Paginate content easily and economically.

  • TW Pagination

TW Pagination is a powerful and simple pagination plugin that provides Users with better navigation on their WordPress website. This plugin will increase the SEO of your website by providing more links to your content.

  • WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate is a pagination plugin that greatly increases the user Experience for your visitors. It can also be used to paginate post comments.

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